8 Pack Abs

8 Pack Abs

8 Pack Abs

What is your real motivation for developing 8 pack abs right now? Is your gut starting to drop over the top of your pants? Are you feeling that lethargic lack of energy that makes it difficult to get through your day? Or, are you seriously overweight and in need of a complete body makeover? The question is not whether you need and want to get in shape, but exactly how you do it.

Trust me, it is possible to overcome these problems, no matter how hopeless it may seem right now. You have what it takes to turn that sagging stomach into amazing 8 pack abs. You just have to learn the truth about how that is accomplished and then follow through with consistent action.

How to Get Abs of Steel – Don’t jump on the first program that comes your way with big promises. Take the time to find something that will really teach you how to get the results you want. You would think that someone who needs to lose a hundred pounds would need a very different program from someone who just wants to tone up a slightly flabby stomach, but this is actually not the truth.

No matter what your goals may be or how big your problem seems, you go about ripping your core and developing those 8 pack abs in the same manner. You can’t just jump on a fad diet alone, and you can’t continue to eat whatever you want while working out hours a day. You may experience some weight loss that way, but you are not going to get abs of steel with those methods.

So, what is the secret? You have to combine a well balanced diet rich in nutrients with a consistent yet realistic exercise program!

Finding the Best Abs Workout – Most people who want ripped abs jump right into crunches and sit ups, thinking that is the only way to do it. After all, it was once well noted in the media that Brittany Spears did hundreds of sit-ups and other floor exercises every single day, and she was completely ripped, right?

Maybe it worked for Brittany, but it doesn’t work for the majority of people. In order to get the abs you want, you have to get off the floor and do exercises that hit the abs while working the rest of your body as well.

You want to find a program that shows you a variety of workouts not only to strengthen those core muscles, but to burn fat from your entire body as well. Just make sure it is realistic as far as how much time you are expected to workout.

The Best Ab Diet – You also need a well-balanced program that teaches you how to eat for satiety and mental satisfaction. Forget cutting all the carbohydrates out of your diet or living off 1,000 calories a day! You cannot eat that way for the rest of your life, so it obviously is not going to give you the abs you want long term.

It takes some commitment and serious dedication to achieve ripped abs, which is why so few people are able to achieve this dream. Any program that promises to give you 8 pack abs by diet or exercise alone is nothing but a gimmick!

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8 Pack Abs

8 Pack Abs

The best lower ab workout moves were put to the test in a 2001 study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and performed by professionals at San Diego State University. Comparing a variety of ab-focused exercises to the standard crunch, they came to two interesting findings:
* Bicycle crunches seem to be the most effective ab-focused movement.
* Two popular ab machines are no more effective than doing standard floor crunches.

The most shocking finding was that the rather expensive Ab Roller is actually far less effective than just doing standard crunches! This is your first lesson on what not to do in your pursuit of a well-toned body.

Second lesson: the reason bicycle crunches came out at the top of the list was largely because they require your abdominals to stabilize your core while rotating side to side.

Secret to Rock Hard Abs – The reason I am pointing out this study is partly to help you see that purchasing gimmicky products is not needed to get in a really good lower ab workout at home. Yet, I also want to make a point that effectiveness is more important than duration. You don’t need to work out longer or every single day of the week to see real progress.

The secret is making each lower ab workout more intense is a combination of extremely effective ab-focused exercises and total body fat burning workouts. Doing inferior exercises for hours on end will get you nowhere and ab strengthening moves without fat burning cardio and diet is the slow road to progress.

Are Fast Abs Possible? Here’s another bit of information that most people looking for an effective lower ab workout do not understand: fat burning is just as important as strength building!

It makes sense that if you want to get ripped abs fast, you need to do effective core-building exercises such as the bicycle that was praised in the study mentioned earlier, but you aren’t going to actually see those ripped ab muscles if you have layers of fat covering them up! Most people don’t realize that belly fat actually lies over those muscles, but it does.

This is why some people are able to perform an abdominal workout and see results rather quickly while others can do the exact same workout for months on end without seeing any muscle definition in that section of the body. It isn’t that the exercises aren’t working. They just have more fat to burn off the top before their definition will be seen.
So, if you want fast killer abs you will have to devote more time to burning off fat as well as working the abdominal muscles.

Ab Exercises for Women – One final secret to depart here: women can do the same exercises as men even if their goals are a bit different. Many women don’t want totally chiseled 8 pack abs. They would rather have a flat, slim stomach with some muscle definition that looks more feminine. This is best accomplished through the methods already explored here: proven ab-focused exercises with adequate fat burning workouts.
It is important to find a program that offers an effective lower ab workout, but make sure that program also tells you how to get your body burning abdominal fat so you will one day see the definition you are building.

For the most comprehensive fat-burning, muscle strengthening program I’ve found that is guaranteed to work effectively here’s my no-bull recommendation for fast abs. Check it out.